Clint Eastwood Bans Retirement

25 October 2010 by Richard Phippen

Invictus---EastwoodClint will keep making movies as long as people will pay to watch them. And perhaps even longer than that. Clint Eastwood has revealed he plans to be making films when he's 100.

The 80-year-old Oscar-winning director of Unforgiven and Million Dollar Baby told he doesn't believe in retirement.

Eastwood said: "I'm always sort of shocked [that directors retire]. I knew Frank Capra and Billy Wilder a bit... and I always thought, 'Why aren't these guys still working?'

"I figure your best years should be at a point when you've got a lot of so-called knowledge. Now, maybe [Capra and Wilder] didn't keep up with the times, or they picked story material that didn't work and had a few pictures that didn't do so well. People are very fickle. Hollywood is very fickle.

"But there's a Portuguese director [Manoel de Oliveira] who's still making films, and he's over 100 years old. I plan to do the same."

The Hollywood legend's next film to be released in the cinema, Hereafter, was written by Peter Morgan and deals with the subject of the afterlife. It stars Matt Damon as a reluctant psychic.

The actor and filmmaker is currently preparing to shoot Hoover, a film biography of FBI boss J Edgar Hoover that stars Leonardo DiCaprio.

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