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10 October 2013

Harrison Ford's Jack Ryan takes on the whole US government hierarchy right up to the President himself in this follow-up to Patriot Games.

After the disclosure that a close friend was involved with Colombian drug cartels, the President sanctions a covert operation against the drug barons by sending crack soldiers into the country under the command of mercenary Willem Dafoe.

The President's aides, smoothly feathering their own nests, ensure that CIA man Ryan is the only one not in the know; he still thinks he's after Colombian connections to the dead man's money.

He's soon involved, though, and the government wishes he weren't as Ryan dodges death and destruction in his search for the truth.

As with all Tom Clancy adaptations, you're guaranteed a good story. The quality of the film comes down to how well the action is dealt with.

In this instance there are no problems. Unlike the more recent Sum Of All Fears, director Noyce knows the soul of the movie lies in the storytelling and keeps the action under control - especially when Ryan and his colleagues are trapped by machine-gunners in a network of narrow streets.

Possibly the best of the Clancy adaptations, you'll wonder why they ever decided to replace Ford with the inferior Affleck as Agent Ryan.