Chris Evans Talks Captain America 2

18 September 2012

While promoting his next release, the hitman thriller The Iceman, Chris Evans has been quizzed about his next Captain America movie. 

Evans, who played the famous, shield-chucking hero in Captain America: The First Avenger and the superhero smackdown, Avengers Assemble, was happy to tell about how scenes cut from The Avengers movie will effectively end up in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. 

“The most I am looking forward to is exploring a little bit of Steve’s…they had all those deleted scenes with The Avengers because a lot of those scenes are for Captain 2, you know what I mean?  It was good stuff, but it all felt like that was his story. It is a different movie. With The Avengers there was so much to cram in. Like I said, it was a long movie anyway.  So I think making it any longer would have just been exhausting.”

One sequence, which appeared online earlier this month, showed Cap coming to terms with the loss of all those he left behind in the 1940s, something Evans thinks has to be addressed in the sequel, which begins shooting next March. 

“A lot of that stuff is for Captain America 2. That is his story. It is him trying to on a personal level adjust to the fact that everyone he knows is gone and the whole Peggy Carter of it all. There are a lot of things that he kind of has to come to terms with... I am excited to kind of see flashes of the first Captain, if you know what I mean, and to see his memory of what we now know as an audience of who he was.”

You can expect to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier in April 2014. 

Meanwhile, Avengers Assemble is now available to rent in Sky Store.