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10 April 2013 by Elliott Noble

Written by rising star Rashida Jones (of The US Office) and Will McCormack (who takes a small role here) following a brief fling, this interestingly skewed romcom peers into the emotional potholes that open up when ex-lovers decide to stay friends.

After six years of marriage, Celeste (Jones) has decided that she, a high-flying media consultant, and her beloved Jesse (Adam Sandler protégé Samberg), an ambition-free slacker, need to move on.

But separation has merely brought them closer together, which is weirding out their soon-to-be-wed friends (Ari Graynor and Eric Christian Olsen). Jesse can see their point, but then he thinks the split is only temporary.

For Celeste, however, it means she gets to keep her best friend until she finds someone who'll match her aspirations. “The father of my children will have a car” she states, thus underlining a basic shallowness that makes it quite cheering when Jesse finds a new love first - even if it is a little sooner than he expected.

So having got the cake she wanted, Celeste is now forced to eat. Cue a series of awkward dates, wistful heart-to-hearts, and other Bridget Jones-style embarrassments.

Marketing herself as a “trend forecaster”, Celeste certainly shows razor-sharp insight in summing up smug suitor Chris Messina's life in a single sentence. The pity is that she can't see the consequences of her own foolishness.