Catch The Way, Way Back and Frozen Ground early

18 December 2013

Catch the heart-warming comedy The Way, Way Back and Nicolas Cage thriller The Frozen Ground before they come to DVD - in Sky Store.

The Way Way Back KAIn The Way, Way Back, available in Sky Store five days before DVD, a shy 14-year-old (Liam James) finds solace from his divorced mother (Toni Collette) and her overbearing boyfriend (Steve Carell) with maverick water park manager Owen (Sam Rockwell).

The Descendants writer/directors Jim Rash and Nat Faxon's directorial debut is a sweet, knowing tribute to teenage awkwardness, to divorced parents trying to restore family values and to those who find themselves as unlikely mentors.

The Frozen Ground, which is available in Sky Store three weeks before DVD, finds Nic Cage playing persistent State Trooper Jack Halcombe, whose dogged investigation halted Alaskan serial killer Robert Hansen (John Cusack) before he could add to his twenty-odd tally of young women victims.

Vanessa Hudgens plays the teenage hooker whose escape from the clutches of the killer led Halcombe to his psychotic quarry.

The Frozen Ground is available in Sky Store from Friday December 20 and The Way, Way Back from Saturday December 21.