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1 September 2010

Xtina Aguilera maker her first foray onto the big screen as Ali, the archetypal small-town girl with big dreams which see her head off to the bright lights of Hollywood.

Fortunately for Ali, her Los Angeles street-pounding in search of work quickly takes her to possibly the least risqué burlesque club ever (well, this is a 12A), featuring a cast of highly polished dancers in an array of bejewelled costumes that belie the fragile financial status of the venue.

Luckily for them the equally tenacious Tess (Cher) is running the show aided by celluloid’s favourite gay uncle, Stanley 'Wears Prada' Tucci, as Sean.

Ali quickly rises though the ranks from waitress to dancer but like all plucky, budding starlets, she knows she has more to give.

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