Bryan Singer confirms another X-Men film

6 December 2013

Director predicts the Apocalypse.

Bryan Singer doesn’t mess around. The new X-Men sequel/prequel Days of Future Past has not even been released, but the director has already confirmed that another film featuring the mutant supergroup is in the works.

In a simple three-word tweet, Singer announced: “#Xmen #Apocalypse 2016!”

Apocalypse probably does not refer to the end of the world, but rather a famous villain from the comic series.

He is an ancient mutant, born 5000 years ago, and a serious threat to anyone. His powers include superhuman strength, near invincibility and immortality, flight, teleportation, and molecular control over his body. 

In other words, he’s a complete badass.

Since the only confirmation on this new movie comes from Singer’s tweet, details are extremely scarce at the moment, and there’s no word on what this means for James Mangold’s mooted Wolverine sequel.

In the meantime, X-Men: Days of Future Past will be released on 22nd May 2014.

[Source: Den of Geek]