Bromance on Comedy / HD: Proof That Guys Need Guys

30 April 2010 by Elliott Noble

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay 04Two in the Bush: Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay and show their brotherly loveIn loving support of Sky Movies Comedy/HD's 'Bromance' week (starting Monday 3rd May), we investigate Post Matel Depression: the jilted man disease.

American Pie 10"All I need is the air that I breathe and to love you" sang The Hollies, somewhat fancifully. But while the boy-meets-girl dynamic is undoubtedly a wonderful thing, we put 'Bromance' into context by bringing you scientific proof that boys need boys just as much.

Some facts:

• Close to one-third of 18-25 year old men rate their male friends more important than finding their dream partner
• Young men admit to feeling depressed, gutted, alone or second best when a male friend does not want to join them at the pub
• Almost one-fifth of 18-25 year old men believe things will never be the same when a male best friend finds true love
Road Trip 01While a man may shed a few tears when breaking-up with a girlfriend, it would appear that just as much despondency can be felt when losing one of his mates to a girl as well. So much so, that this state of mind has now been termed as “Post Matel Depression”.

According to research commissioned by Sky Movies Comedy/HD, this type of male unhappiness can be felt right from the very start of a friend’s relationship.

Almost one-fifth (18 per cent) of British men aged 18-25 said that while they would congratulate a best male pal when he said he had found true love, they would secretly know that things between them would never be the same again.

MW-step brothers 20Unfortunately, “Post Matel Depression” can easily fester during a friend’s courtship with 20 per cent of those young men surveyed saying they typically felt depressed, gutted, alone or second best when a male friend decides to see their other half rather than join them at the pub

And similar to any other relationship break-down, there are also the key signs of bitterness and resentment with 14% of men in this age range describing their male mates’ partners as too controlling and more than one in 10 (11%) describing them as high maintenance.

Dr Arthur Cassidy, social psychologist has commented; “Post Matel Depression may not be a clinical illness but there are some significant symptoms in male reaction here which are worthy of investigation.

pineapple express 13"Male attachment can signify low self esteem and when such a bond is broken or becomes under threat it can trigger some form of depressive symptoms and signs of insecurity. Contrary to what many men wish to believe, male homosocial relationships can be as complicated as what they consider women’s to be.”

This research is illustrated with 'Bromance”, a week-long season playing on Sky Movies Comedy/HD from Monday 3rd May.  The season celebrates brotherly love and showcases a variety of films that demonstrate the many complications of male relationships.

Highlights include American Pie (10pm, Mon 3rd); Starsky & Hutch (8pm, Tue 4th); Road Trip (8pm Wed 5th); Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay (10pm Thu 6th); Step Brothers (8pm Fri 7th); I Love You, Man (6.10pm Sat 8th), and Pineapple Express (10.20pm Sun 9th).

I Love You Man 02Meanwhile, do not be fooled into thinking this state of mind is short-lived until a guy finally finds their own other half because a third (32 per cent) of those young men questioned said knowing their male mates will always be there for them is more important than finding the person of their dreams.


Are we having a laugh? Well, this is Sky Movies Comedy, so absolutely.