Geezer action from The Smoke to The Pool

  • 1
    Ill Manors

    In his first crack at screenwriting and directing, rapper Ben "Plan B" Drew makes everyone sit up with a bleak chronicle of crack addicts, pushers,…

  • 2

    Bruisingly powerful British drama chronicling the revenge of a young father-to-be on the thugs who attacked his pregnant girlfriend on the night of…

  • 3

    Showbiz journalist Deeva Jani (Parminder Nagra) returns home from Paris after her brother Vipon (Sebastian Nanena) is accused of a London gang…

  • 4

    Middle-class Tia (Ashley Madekwe) tires of her cosseted existence in the Home Counties and heads to London and the gritty life of her chavvy cousin…

  • 5

    Based on a true story, James D'Arcy (Master & Commander) plays former soldier Sam Norwood, who takes a job as a prison officer when he returns from…

  • 6
    Payback Season

    Premiership football star Jerome Davies (Adam Deacon) finds his past comes back to haunt him when he's unwillingly entangled in the dodgy dealings of…

  • 7
    Harry Brown

    Michael Caine plays Harry Brown, a 76-year-old former marine who kicks back against the thugs who did for his drinking buddy on a drug-flooded south…

  • 8
    44 Inch Chest

    Isle Of Dogs meets Reservoir Dogs as East End villains Ray Winstone, Ian McShane, John Hurt, Tom Wilkinson and Stephen Dillane gather at a shabby…

  • 9

    Guy Ritchie takes his geezer-gangster template across the pond with with Jason Statham as a gambler with the secret of success who rubs up against…

  • 10

    Following the crash of the global economy, feral gangs roam a lawless London in 2015.

  • 11

    This graphically bleak portrait of bullying, drug abuse, crime and under-age sex among the black and white youth of inner-city London won street…

  • 12
    The Bank Job

    Bullet-headed Jason Statham plays the backstreet chopshop boss turned heistmeister in this robbery caper loosely based on the 1971 "walkie-talkie"…

  • 13
    The 51st State

    Samuel L Jackson plays a chemist turned dope scientist who has created POS-51 - a new party drug that promises the user "a personal visit from God".

  • 14
    The Italian Job

    Criminal masterminds Michael Caine and Noel Coward pull off the classic caper that blows the bloody doors off all others.