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26 June 2009

The Great Depression is putting a strain on the Thomson family as Booky's father Thomas (Hughes) struggles to make ends meet while the lack of money is holding back older siblings Arthur (Everett) and Willa (Sarah White) as they pursue their dream careers.

On the upside - and as her name suggests - Booky is something of a star student at school. As such, she's asked to tutor struggling new boy Georgie (Connor Price). But with the big school dance on the horizon will she be able to educate the underachieving hunk in the ways of young love?

Keeping it all together, the resourceful Mrs Thomson (Follows) manages to find time to help with her daughter's boy troubles, but can she rekindle the spark in her own marriage?

Despite the 1930s backdrop, our precocious heroine faces the same challenges as any other 11-year-old girl, including fashion, friends, and of course, boys.

There's tons of period charm in this engaging family drama and today's kids will undoubtedly relate to Booky's typical pre-teen troubles.