Boba Fett spin-off movie rumoured

7 January 2014

Bounty hunting a new standalone film.

The latest word from the Star Wars rumour mill: a new standalone Boba Fett movie.

Since taking over Lucasfilm in a multi-billion dollar deal, Disney have kickstarted the Star Wars franchise with aplomb, and previous reports confirmed that several single character-focussed movies were on the cards, in addition to 2015’s Episode VII.

Yoda and Han Solo are obvious choices, but a source close to Lucasfilm has claimed that Boba Fett will be one of the characters to be given their own film.

The source suggested that the script will be written by Lawrence Kasden, whose Empire Strikes Back script introduced the bounty hunter character in 1980.

Kasden is also one of the writers credited on the new Episode VII.

The first standalone character movie is expected to arrive in 2016, one year after Episode VII’s December 18th, 2015, release date.

[Source: Moviefone]