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30 March 2011 by Zac Harrin

In 2005, the militant 'Real Animal League' gave pro-hunting lobbyist Lucas Bell a taste of his own medicine by kidnapping him, his brother and three friends from their remote Scottish island retreat, dumping them in the wilderness in nothing but their underwear, hunting them down, and filming the whole thing.

The results caused an internet sensation. Or so this British Blair Witch wannabe would have you believe.

Working on a shoestring, first-time director Ed Boase maintains the conceit by switching between interviews with the 'victims' and dramatised reconstructions of their accounts.

Whether you're convinced or not, Boase is to be applauded for stirring up the hunting debate while refusing to take sides.

He also manages to generate moments of genuine tension even though at least four of the abductees live to tell their tale.

But while the dramatic cast work well, authenticity is slightly diminished by the fact that the interviewees - though clearly different people - are also actors. And the atmosphere would have been more unsettling without music.

Extreme-ish rather than extremist, Blooded still stokes the ferocious argument in low-budget horror style.