Ben-Hur Set For A Remake?

15 January 2013 by Mikey Papadopoulos

What would Jesus reboot?

Film giant MGM, having overcome their financial problems, are now awash with cash after the success of Skyfall and The Hobbit and look to be investing part of it in a reboot of bona fide classic, Ben-Hur.

Charlton Heston's epic 1959 version of the classic novel (itself a remake of the revolutionary silent film) is one of the great achievements of the cinematic medium. Having Ben-Hur remade by the producer who rebooted The Mummy and The Jackal seems like a less than brilliant Hollywood notion.

Perhaps while they are at it, the film's art director can redo a sculpture of Michelangelo's David made of dairylea while someone else reversions the Mona Lisa using crayons and potato paints.

Source: ComingSoon