Ben Affleck to direct and star in new Africa-set film

28 October 2013

The director Hollywood deserves.

Ben Affleck has rather a lot on his plate at the moment, what with the little matter of signing up to play the world’s biggest superhero.

And while he is very much locked-in to playing Batman for potentially multiple films (including the still-untitled Batman vs Superman movie, due 2015), 'Baffles' has now confirmed his next directing project, which is to be set and shot in Africa.

There was concern that Affleck’s commitment to playing the Dark Knight would delay his burgeoning second career behind the camera, especially since his hostage thriller Argo was so critically and commercially well-received, with a clutch of Oscars to boot.

It had been previously reported that the writer-director-actor had placed a number of mooted films (including a reunion with old comrade Matt Damon) on the back burner due to the high profile role.

Fortunately, it appears he has found time in his schedule for at least a couple of personal projects - he is also directing forthcoming crime epic Live By Night. 

The currently untitled film is described thusly:

“The film is both an action movie and an examination of the moral ambiguities of how philanthropy and foreign assistance veers into modern day neocolonialism. It also tracks how involvement in the affairs of foreign countries is always a good deal more complicated than anticipated in the planning stages.”

Batman On Safari (our working title) does not yet have a release date - watch this space.

Source: Deadline