Bananaman movie in the works

18 March 2014

Peel the power!

This ranks fairly highly among ‘news we didn’t expect’: Bananaman, the cartoon strip turned Saturday morning animation beloved of British schoolchildren throughout the 1980s and 1990s, is set to receive the big-screen treatment.

Bananaman was a schoolboy called Eric who turned into a sinewy superhero whenever he ate a banana. He originally appeared in Nutty comic, then The Dandy. A much-loved TV animation followed.

Details are currently sparse, to say the least, and there’s been no confirmation beyond what appears to be an official website.
features the hashtag #PeelThePower, and logos for DC Thompson (the Scottish publishing company which owns The Dandy) and Elstree Studios (a large film studio based just outside of London).

The website also gives the date of 2015, giving the intriguing prospect of a superhero from 29 Acacia Road who eats a lot of bananas doing battle with the Avengers and Star Wars.

We’ll bring you all the latest banana news as it comes in...

[Source: Den of Geek]