Bad Boys 3 is happening

12 December 2013

This sequel just got real.

Sony is apparently in talks with Safe House writer David Guggenheim to write a script for a new Bad Boys film, it has been reported.

The original Bad Boys, released in 1995, was the world’s introduction to the concept of Bayhem. Michael Bay’s directorial debut brought together Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as a couple of fard-talkin’, fast-shootin’ detectives in the Miami police department.

A sequel was released eight years later, and was poorly received by critics but took a decent amount of money at the box office.

And both films were immortalised in genre homage Hot Fuzz when Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s characters bond over the ludicrous action sequences and corny one-liners.

Now it seems the wheels are in motion for a threequel, though there’s no confirmation on whether Bay, Smith or Lawrence are set to return.

[Source: Deadline]