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Avatar 'Political Commentary' On Iraq

26 April 2010 by Matt Risley

Avatar Official 02James Cameron has admitted that Pandora passes a noticeable resemblence to the events in Iraq.James Cameron has said that Avatar can be seen as a political commentary on the Iraq war.

The Titanic director has admitted that the plot of his 3D epic closely mirrors recent real world events.

Avatar, which lost out at the Oscars to Iraq War movie The Hurt Locker, centres around an alien species who are invaded and oppressed by a corrupt, malicious American Army intent on plundering the area's native lucrative resources.

Speaking to The Sunday Times, Cameron explained: "You’ve got your venal, corrupt and greedy human beings who represent the worst aspects of ourselves, and you’ve got the noble, spiritual, brave and beautiful Na’vi who represent the best aspects of ourselves. This is science fiction made by humans for humans. It’s not made for a Na’vi audience. They laugh at these pink, venal little creatures and the audience comes out of the theatre siding with the Na’vi, the better parts of themselves which they wish they could be."

"In Avatar I’m literally saying, 'Open your f**king eyes and look clearly at what happens in these steps to war, listen to the lingo, listen to what people say when they want to go to war'," he explained.

For the three remaining of you who haven't yet seen it, Avatar's 3D sci-fi extravaganza broke every box office record around, and now stands as the Highest Grossing Movie Of All Time, with a box office haul of $2.71bn.

Has Cameron's admission going to make you look at the whole plot in another way? Or do you think he's trying to cash-in on the success of The Hurt Locker to generate some publicity? Let us know on our Facebook page and Twitter stream.