Asa hopeful for Ender's Game sequel

13 March 2014

Butterfield stays optimistic

Ender's Game star Asa Butterfield has said he is hopeful that there will be a sequel to the sci-fi thriller.

Ender's-Game-DIThe British star played Andrew "Ender" Wiggin, an unusually gifted child who is sent to an advanced military academy in outer space to prepare for a future alien invasion.

The movie, directed by Gavin Hood and also starring Harrison Ford, cost $110m to make but has gone into profit, challenging claims in Variety that it was one of "Hollywood's biggest box office bombs of 2013".

"I'd love there to be a sequel," Butterfield told Sky Movies. "I'd love to be able to play the character again. I had a lot of fun. At the moment there is no word. Fingers crossed."

Industry reports said Hood was ready to make a sequel - Ender's Shadow - at the same time as Ender's Game based on the sequel book and a script has already been written.

"I'd love to work with Gavin Hood again," Butterfield added. "Gavin's amazing - I've never worked with a director like him.

He's so energetic it's sort of contagious his passion towards the project. That made us all feel that much more strongly about bringing the story to life."

Butterfield has just completed filming the gritty New York drama Ten Thousand Saints alongside his Ender's Game co-star Hailee Steinfeld.

Ender's Game is now showing in Sky Store