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16 December 2010 by Tim Evans

If you kitted Al Gore out in a furry animal costume and put him on a soapbox you'd have a rough idea of the environmental message trumpeted in this harmless kids' fare.

Man is bad. That's a given. He's drunkenly ramming oil tankers onto rocks, setting fire to the Australian outback and building a gi-normous dam, cutting off the water to the African plain.

Something needs to be done...but the animal kingdom is in disarray. Polar bears are floating south, 700-year-old Galapagos turtles have to quit their oil-despoiled habitat while rival rhinos and wildebeest just can't see eye to eye.

However, there is hope. Brave little Meerkat Billy (Corden), with the help of pacifist lion Socrates (Fry) manages to rally the animals...and they set off up a dried-up gorge to destroy the water-barring dam.

Aiming to appeal to fans of Ice Age and Madagascar, this German production (re-voiced with a British cast) comes across a little on the preachy side even if you can't really fault its environmental message.

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