Ancient Worlds on Showcase HD

13 September 2011 by Elliott Noble

Prince-of-Persia-63Take a leap back in time with awesome epics like Prince of PersiaOnce upon a time there was a world with no telly and people had to make their own fun. For one weekend, Showcase/HD takes you back to those olden, golden times with a crop of (slightly fictionalised) historical epics full of swords, sandals, rugged heroes and duplicitous damsels.

ANCIENT WORLDS (Saturday 19 – Sunday 20 November)

Cleopatra 02Saturday 19
2.10pm  Cleopatra (1963)
The late, great Elizabeth Taylor plays the legendary Egyptian queen while Richard Burton is Mark Anthony in the spectacular historical epic that brought Hollywood to its knees. (1963)


Solomon Kane 066.15pm  Solomon Kane
Medieval mercenary James Purefoy battles demonic forces as he sets out to rescue damsel Rachel Hurd-Wood. Superb swords and sorcery action with Jason Flemyng. (2009)


Prince-of-Persia-288pm  Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time
Jake Gyllenhaal is the muscle-bound monarch out to save his kingdom from being destroyed by a magical artefact. Spectacular action with feisty damsel Gemma Arterton. (2010)


Centurion 0310pm  Centurion
Roman centurion Michael Fassbender and his men are hunted by Celtic warriors in this bloody action adventure from the director of Dog Soldiers. Dominic West co-stars. (2010)


Samson and DelilahSunday 20
3.05pm  Samson And Delilah
Biblical epic starring Victor Mature as the superhuman but doomed Samson and Hedy Lamarr as Delilah, the beautiful but disloyal woman who plots his downfall. (1949)


Troy5.15pm  Troy
Brad Pitt stars as legendary warrior Achilles, who leads the armies of ancient Greece into battle against Troy. A mighty epic with Eric Bana and Orlando Bloom. (2004)


TG - Clash Of The Titans8pm  Clash Of The Titans
Son of Zeus, Sam Worthington, embarks on an epic quest to take vengeance on wrathful god Ralph Fiennes. Mythological mayhem in this action-packed fantasy. Liam Neeson co-stars. (2010)