All bets are on: Casino three-play

4 October 2012

Fans get their chance to see all three versions of Ian Fleming's classic Casino Royale - the first James Bond novel - as part of our Bond season on Sky Movies.

We'll be showing Daniel Craig's classic 2006 debut, the 1967 parody starring David Niven and 007's first screen appearance in the TV version of Casino Royale featuing Barry Nelson as "Jimmy" Bond.

Going back to basics, Craig's Bond had just earned his licence to kill when he came up against Mads Mikkelsen's terrorist financier Le Chiffre across the gaming tables.

DI Casino Royale 1954 (6)The Aston Martins, compliant girls and vodka-martinis were all present and politically incorrect...but it was Craig's cunning brute of a Bond that got the world's most successful movie franchise back on track.

In 1967, Bond's first big screen incarnation arrived in the era of flower power and  featured the urbane David Niven as Sir James Bond 007. Forced out of retirement to investigate the deaths of international spies, he finds himself embroiled in a life-or-death struggle with the mysterious Dr Noah (Woody Allen).

Most intriguing is the chance to see the 1954 TV version of Casino Royale, starring Barry Nelson (who would later appear in The Shining) as an American Bond.

Originally broadcast live on television, it remained lost in the archives for almost thirty years.