Our action heroes flex a little muscle

  • 1
    Die Hard 4.0

    With bloodied togs and a "yippee-kay-ay", Bruce Willis is back as indestructible New York cop John McClane, out to save America from a virulent -…

  • 2
    Die Hard

    A contender for greatest thriller of all time, John McTiernan's towering action inferno pits Bruce Willis's New York cop John McClane against sneering…

  • 3
    The Expendables 2

    Barney Ross and his rabble of expendable heroes return to avenge one of their own, while simultaneously saving the world from potential nuclear war.

  • 4
    The Expendables

    Co-writer, director and chief bone-cruncher Sylvester Stallone brings out the biggest guns in Hollywood for the most outrageous action rampage since…

  • 5

    When his idyllic life is threatened by a high-tech assassin, former black-ops agent Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) reassembles his old RED team (retired…

  • 6
    Man on Fire

    Denzel Washington is the ex-special forces agent and nemesis for Mexico City's low-life when they kidnap a cute young girl in his charge in this slick…

  • 7
    Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

    Hold on for the dizzying fourth instalment of the Cruise-controlled action franchise that tweaks the nose of danger.

  • 8
    Lethal Weapon

    The buddy cop flick to which all others aspire.

  • 9

    Chase thrills for the teen crowd with Twilight hunk Taylor Lautner taking his first lead role as a troubled high schooler who learns that his parents…

  • 10
    Transporter 2

    Frank Martin - the ex-special forces ace turned no-questions-asked courier - makes his second all-action delivery.

  • 11
    The Marine

    WWE star John Cena plays a gung-ho Iraq War veteran forced to hunt down a thuggish gang of diamond thieves who have kidnapped his wife while on the…

  • 12

    Pop quiz, hotshot...

  • 13
    G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

    The Mummy director Stephen Sommers brings the popular Hasbro toy to the screen in explosive style.

  • 14
    I Am Legend

    In 2009, 99% of humankind is wiped out by a man-made virus.

  • 15
    Clash of the Titans

    The legend of Perseus gets a new dimension with this big-budget take on the classic story of Perseus, the mortal son of Zeus who must square up to his…

  • 16

    Liam Neeson plays an American biotech expert in Berlin for a conference who is involved in a car crash which leaves him in a coma.

  • 17
    Total Recall: Director's Cut

    Colin Farrell steps into Arnie's shoes for Underworld director Len Wiseman's total revamp of Paul Verhoeven's eye-popping 1990 Schwarzenegger sci-fi…

  • 18
    The Bourne Legacy

    With the old partnership of director Paul Greengrass and Jason Bourne himself (Matt Damon) absent, series scriptwriter Tony Gilroy takes the…

  • 19
    Road House

    Patrick Swayze is on head-busting form as Dalton, the cool-as-Coors bouncer hired to to protect a rowdy smalltown saloon from the local Mr Big (Ben…

  • 20
    Rumble in the Bronx

    Jackie Chan plays the nephew who visits New York for his uncle's wedding and ends up looking after his market stall in the Bronx while he's on…

  • 21
    The Condemned

    Wrestling star 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin plays one of ten condemned killers engaged in a fight to the death on a Pacific island.

  • 22
    Iron Man

    Robert Downey Jr dons the full metal jacket of Marvel Comics' billionaire techno-genius Tony Stark in a weapons-grade blockbuster.

  • 23

    Inception's Joseph Gordon-Levitt reteams with Brick director Rian Johnson for a first class, noodle-frying sci-fi noir.

  • 24

    Karl Urban dons the helmet (and doesn't take it off) to play the uber-righteous member of a police force empowered with the right to be judge, jury…