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17 December 2012

If you go down to the woods today...don't take along a weird American boyfriend or the strange cousin you've haven't clapped eyes on for an age.

Unfortunately, metropolitan chick Kerry (Skellin) makes the mistake of accompanying both on a camping trip to the weirdly-named Wistman's Woods in the depths of Dartmoor.

Her bloke Brody (Monsters' Scoot McNairy) is a scruffy Yank who irritatingly capures every move on a series of camcorders while her cousin Leo (Hawley) is a distant relative under a black cloud after his no-show at Kerry's dad's funeral.

Bizarrely, Brody acts with immediate hostility when they pick Leo up from a country station (and not just because he's got a guitar) and grows increasingly grumpy as it appears the two cousins have a growing attraction for one another.

The good camping vibes aren't improved when a pub-full of locals (seemingly kissing cousins to the good folk of The League of Gentlemen's Royston Vasey) spin some nasty tales about hangings and what-knot in Wistman's Woods.