Writer to whip 50 Shades into shape for movie

9 October 2012

For those of you hoping the 50 Shades hype had dissipated enough for a movie to be all but forgotten about look away now - the adaptation is most certainly happening.

After the initial hype wore off, it wouldn't have been a great surprise for the Fifty Shades movie to disappear before it could even begin production.

But the news that screenwriter Kelly Marcel has been hired to pen the adaptation confirms the critically mauled, but ridiculously popular sexually explicit tome will make it to cinemas in the next 18 months.

Universal released a press statement confirming the plans for 50 Shades, celebrating the recruitment of Marcel on the basis that her script for Saving Mr Banks was "structurally flawless".

Saving Mr Banks depicts Walt Disney's attempts to get the movie Mary Poppins made over the course of 20 years, and is currently in production with Tom Hanks Emma Thompson and Colin Farrell all  involved.

Universal acquired 50 Shades Of Grey in March, outbidding their rivals to a trilogy of books that will almost certainly become a gold mine for the studio given the book's incredible popularity. Over 32 million copies have now been sold, making it one of the fastest selling books of all time.

The story, if you haven't heard, centres on a college student who meets a billionaire with some devious sexual tenancies.