No ho ho: 12 Anti-Christmas Movies

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Bad Santa (2003)

Christmas jeer: [Kid] "You are really Santa, right?"
[Willie] "No, I'm an accountant. I wear this f****** thing as a fashion statement, alright?"

The first choice on anyone's anti-Christmas list, Terry Zwigoff's landmark in humbuggery takes the idea of goodwill to all men and shoves it up Rudolph's... nose. Billy Bob Thornton puts the grot into grotto as Willie, a degenerate crook who takes a job as a department store Santa alongside his equally foul-mouthed little helper Marcus (Tony Cox), just so they can rob the place. Picture those little faces as they get in line for kind words and jollity - only to receive a gobful of alcohol fumes, sex talk and pure, unfiltered vitriol.